Willow 🤯 2000mg THC Vapes 💨 -BLUEBERRY DOUGHNUT
$60.00 per Price Per Unit
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Total THC 2000mg
Product description

NOTE - BUY 2 FOR $100


Deliciously sweet and bursting with flavour, Blueberry Doughnut is a hybrid strain perfect for anyone looking to enjoy a delicious treat.


1. Click button 5 times to activate the pen

2. Put the mouthpiece into your mouth and inhale

3. Try smaller puffs at first to gauge dosage level

4. Hold button while inhaling for bigger puffs if needed

5. Click button 5 times to deactivate the pen when not in use

Packed with a whopping 2000mg (2ml) of the highest purity (98%) Δ9 THC distillate, this little vape pen definitely packs a big punch.


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