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Total THC 28%
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Rockstar Kush, popularly known as "Rockstar OG" by medical patients, is an Indica dominant hybrid strain bred from the highly strong Rockstar X Bubba Kush strains. This robust bud produces a well-balanced yet incredibly potent high, which is fueled by an extraordinarily high THC content. The high begins with a sense of elevated pleasure, followed by hazy contemplation, which rapidly calms any emotions of worry or rushing thoughts. This euphoria gradually spreads throughout the body, leaving you utterly relaxed and somewhat sedated. This drowsy sensation ultimately leads to a heavy couch-lock and a severe attack of the munchies. In fact, for some users, the couch-lock may be so powerful that they experience paranoia and terror. Rockstar Kush is a popular strain for treating chronic pain, prolonged tension or anxiety, and inflammation because of its soothing and heavy effects. When the nugs are torn apart, the scent of this bud changes from earthy skunky blueberry to spicy and pungent. The smell is similar, with a deep spicy blueberry earth flavour and a strong skunky aftertaste that increases on exhalation. The buds of Rockstar Kush are medium-sized lime green spade-shaped ultra airy nugs with rich golden hairs and a delicate coating of crystal clear trichomes.

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