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Total THC 32%
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If you've smoked MAC prior, consider MAC 1 to be the new and better version. Users say this strain packs a powerful one-two punch of mental and physical benefits, making her excellent for a late afternoon or early evening smoke session. Initially, many users report their experience as incredibly euphoric, with only a few tokes bringing them to the happiest mental state they've had in a long time. For some, creativity and attention may blossom for a brief period of time until her indica side kicks in. MAC 1 may make you feel physically relaxed or stuck to the sofa before falling asleep, depending on your tolerance. This strain is a well-balanced hybrid, making it an excellent choice for medicinal users. You're likely to get relief from sadness and anxiety as a result of her cerebral boost, and if you suffer from physical discomfort, such as headaches, muscular pain, or joint pain, a few puffs have the ability to alleviate your problems for hours. Don't be shocked if MAC 1 brings the munchies to your doorstep during your comedown, making this bud a good choice for individuals who struggle with hunger.

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