** Gummies 1000mg THC Guava Sorbet (Day) - Sativa
$50.00 per Price Per Unit
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Total THC 1000mg
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1 pack - $50

3 packs - $140


This guava gummy will transport you to a tropical island! Guava Sorbet will brighten your day and give you happy summer vibes. This gummy has a sweet, slightly sour, fruity flavor.


- 10 gummies/bag x 100mg each

- 1000mg THC (indica) per bag

- Winterized CO2 full spectrum oil


Ingredients: Sugar, glucose, water, gelatin, sorbitol, lab-tested CO2 full spectrum oil, guava flavor, citric acid, corn starch, grapeseed oil, potassium sorbate, food coloring.

*These are the strongest gummies we’ve ever made! New users are recommended to try out our 200mg gummy line before moving on to these bad boys. Experienced users are recommended to start with half a gummy and wait for effects before slowly increasing dosage. Remember, it can take 2-3 hours to feel the effects. 


Storage: Keep in a cool, dry place away from heat and direct sunlight (like the fridge!)

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