Euphoria Extractions Sativa Shatter Bar
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Total THC 500mg
Product description

These Shatter Bars are packed with 500mg of pure sativa goodness. Get that body buzz and order some today!

For the uninitiated, shatter is a newly-legal cannabis extract named for its fragility. It has a glassy appearance, and tends to break or shatter just like glass when snapped in two. Not unlike similar cannabis concentrates, shatter is extremely popular with fans of dabbing. This is probably the source of shatter's newfound popularity, as the world of rigs and extracts has been pushed into the mainstream over the past few years.

Shatter tends to have a color range extending from light brown to vibrant, golden yellow, and is typically translucent or full-on transparent. The color isn't a measure of the shatter's potency, however, and has little bearing on the substance's effects. Regardless of its color, any shatter you encounter is likely to be among the strongest cannabis extracts you can get your hands on.

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