CoTC :: Indica Gummies :: 1000mg
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Total THC 1000mg
Product description

Jumbo Vegan Watermelon (8 pieces)  125mg ea.
Apple Rings (12 pieces)  83mg ea.
Blue Razz Sour Feet (12 pieces)  83mg ea. 
Strawberry & Orange Sodas (15 pieces)  67mg ea.
Fruity Vegan Mix (15 pieces)  67mg ea. 
Blue Raspberry Lemonade Bottles (20 pieces)  50mg ea.

Cream of the Crop edibles are delictable gummies made for on the go!  Each package is loaded with 1000mg of lab tested premium Full Spectrum Extract, leaving you with a sense of enlightenment and well-being.

Good for:

CoTC Indica edibles have a "body-buzz" effect, which helps with sleep and pain management like cramps, ultra-euphoric effects.

Portion controlled for responsible dosing.

Please Use Responsibly

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