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YesWeed is always looking for new partners!

We are constantly working to connect our users with new partners listed on our platform.

Our core value is extremely simple: to ensure that ALL our partners find success by keeping listing fees as low as possible, and to ensure the retention of loyal, returning customers.

YesWeed isn’t just for the big players in the industry; we built this platform for the people.

We are committed to helping you grow your business through the value propositions of our YesGame, Referral, and YesMember Programs

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Referral Program Grow your user base organically through YesWeed’s Referral Program!
•  Users are heavily incentivized to invite their friends to YesWeed, which makes for more potential customers with more exposure to our listed vendors.
•   More users means more customers looking to buy!
YesWeed Referral Program

YesWeed vendor retailer's YesMember program YesMember Program Become a part of our YesMember program for the best experience our platform has to offer:
•  Enjoy top listing and a special badge on our directory to set yourself apart
•  Gain access to unique promotions organized directly by the YesWeed team

YesGame Program Retain your customers with huge incentives through our website’s YesGames!
•  Users can play the YesGames on our website to earn entries in our massive weekly YesMax draw.
•  YesGames encourage users to explore the site more thoroughly, as well as to revisit it and check their favorite vendors for new deals more often
•  The YesGame program helps encourage customer retention, and encourages engagement with the platform and our listed vendors’ pages
YesWeed characters presenting YesGame partner program

Here are a few more benefits of listing on our YesWeed platform:

•  Affordable listing fees (currently FREE!)

•  Access to unique promotions that attract new customers

•  Streamline customer experience through access to our Online Ordering System

•  Build credibility and protect your business from dishonest and/or fake reviews

•  Expand your brand through mass exposure to our loyal user base

If that sounds good to you, then let’s get started!

Head over to our List Your Business page to start the vendor registration process.

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