About Us

First and foremost, YesWeed is looking to revolutionize the Canadian cannabis industry.

Our platform was created to unite our users with the services and products they desire, all at the push of a button.

Our goal is to combine our commitment to quality vendors and brands with our devotion to amazing customer service, in order to create the best experience we can for everyone who wants to be a part of it.

YesWeed is a platform for all!

YesWeed About Us

We aim to be the largest (and friendliest) directory of cannabis outlets and products currently available across our nation. We aim to provide both information on and access to the world of cannabis that now exists in almost every neighborhood in Canada.

Whether you’re a casual user of cannabis products, a newbie to the scene, or even a grizzled vet who’s been smoking for longer than they can remember, YesWeed has something to offer you.

YesWeed wants cannabis to be accessible to everyone, and we are working every day to break down barriers and help ensure that there’s a place within the world of legal cannabis for anyone who wants to be there with us.

At its heart, YesWeed is a cannabis industry platform by and for the people of Canada.

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