YesGames promotional banner with wheelspin and prizes
YesGames promotional banner with wheelspin and prizes

Find the Lucky Gift Box! Search the Deliveries, Dispensaries, and Menu Pages for the treasure chest. Click the Chest to receive special deals and more!

YesGames YesDraw graphic logo

The Legendary YesDraw lottery! Spend YesNumbers earned through YesGames and/or purchases to buy an entry in our weekly YesDraw lottery!

YesGames YesSpin graphic logo

Spin the Wheel of Weed and Whimsy! Log in to your account and spin the wheel to earn YesNumbers, then use them to enter our weekly YesDraw!

YesGames YesScratch graphic logo

Scratch with YesWeed-branded bags! Collect the bags when you buy flower from YesVendors, scratch them to reveal a YesCode, and redeem it on the site!

YesGames YesRun graphic logo

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